by Sandra Dolores

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Her sophomore album, this to the point collection of 5 songs offers tastes of calypso, blues and progressive folk, tempered with a refined and sultry vocal style.


released March 22, 2014

Music and lyrics written by Sandra Dolores Swanfeldt. Produced by Sandra Dolores Swanfeldt, co-produced by Jeff Crawford. Recorded April, 2013 at the University of the Pacific Owen Hall Recording Studio, Stockton, CA. Engineer: Jeff Crawford. Special thanks to Jeff Crawford, Bill Stevens, Michael Klooster, and Nate Riddle for their time and musical talents. Cover photo by EB Leigh. Graphic design by Andrew Barnhart.



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Sandra Dolores Sacramento, California

1. BIO

A diamond in the rough, folk/pop singer/songwriter Sandra Dolores has been making waves throughout the central valley and Sacramento with an angelic voice and a devilish wit. With a catalog of songs that read like a diary, Sandra Dolores’ fearless songwriting honesty is engaging and her range is undeniable. Download her newest album, Anima, released in early 2014. ... more

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Track Name: San Diego
San Diego is a city far away from me
and the miles that it would take for you to drive to see me
takes my breath away
and I can only guess how many people will be saying
yes, yes, to you
and they’d be stupid not to

Days will pass like leaves in the wind
colder weather will be falling on me and on you
and I can’t wait to see you, I cant wait to see me
in your eyes
and I’m not some little girl
in fact I’ve been a wife
but when you drove away
I just broke down and cried

So I’ve been drinking all my pain away
I called in sick to work Monday
I’m throwing caution up to the wind
I’m kind of falling apart
but when I look through you
I see someone brand new
I see the woman I wanna be
and when I forget I know you’ll remind me

I’ll be dreaming all the miles away
they only exist in the day
cause at night I’ll be sleeping with you
and I’m gonna take a picture
and I’m gonna make an album
of just the two of us
and I will point to your face
look how happy you are
by the time we get to the last page
San Diego will not seem so far

because San Diego is a city far away from me
Track Name: Bad Heart
Baby please, let me out
I've been locked up for days
i ain't seen the sun go down
but if you set me free
I would surely be good
or as good as a bad girl can be

Well trouble is my middle name
ask anybody I've loved
they would surely tell you the same
but I swear on my Mama's Mama's grave
I didn't anybody no harm
it just ends that way

and even a Bad Heart will love and break
just as hard

Today on the street this old man
he told, ooh girl now you are lookin' so sweet
would you rather that
pretty girls just get up and go
or would you like it if she'd stick around
and let it show

so please let me be
you ain' curin' nothin'
I don't wanna cure my sin
cuz baby, God didn't make me
with an apology
so you can guarantee
my love would not be half as good
if we'd play nice like we should
I'm sayin' my love would not be half as good
if you'd play nice like you should

so please let me out
you've had me locked up for days
I need to see the sun go down
Track Name: Black Swan
She wanna steal my part away
I had a feeling from the very first day
she has a body that is thin like mine
but her eyes, they shine
I wanna embody a woman like her
I wanna trade places, I wanna be her
she is a star in my midnight sky
I wish upon jealously
oh she is out to get me

she carries a joke in her eyes
she would never apologize
for that thing, that fragile thing
I'm always trying to hide

and so we, we spent some time
things got just a little out of line
she went walkin' like a spider up my spine
I dreamt of her that night

there is something, something's living inside of me
and I can't hold on and the only way I'm gonna be free
is if you would just love me
oh God, won't you please love me
I would die for you
bring you to your knees
if you would just love me
Track Name: Rivers and Planes
Maybe I'm dreaming up you
but there are worse things that I could do
talk to my daddy on the telephone
he thinks that I should get married
and have a baby
and don't wind up alone
as if I hadn't already been down that road

There are rivers running through this town
there are planes taking off
they're always leaving right now
there are people walking out
and people begging them to stay
somebody's coming home from far away
and I don't know what I'm gonna do
with my back to the sun
always chasing after you

Maybe it's all a game
and any moment we will fall
we could lose our place
but we'd find it again in you
I'm always finding myself in you
Track Name: This Time
This time I'm gonna get it done
this time I'm gonna get out from under
this time I'm gonna change the world
this time I'll be a woman, not a girl

This time I'll be a self starter
and this time I'll be infinitely smarter
this time I want it all
and this time I'm gonna heed the call

This time I won't smoke so much
this time I won't drive so fast
this time I won't be so mean
this time I won't be afraid to break down